MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe stove

MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe stove

Mountain Safety Research is one of the premier outdoor gear companies in the world.  Their canister gas stoves are considered to be among, if not the, best.  One of their most popular models is the Pocket Rocket.  This stove is not their hottest, or biggest, or most rugged.  The popularity stems from it being the smallest and lightest, while still being sufficiently hot and strong to handle most backpacking meals for several campers.  When folded for travel the stove is about the size of two fingers held side by side. 

One disadvantgage of gas canister stoves is that as the gas tank empties it has less pressure and burns cooler.  For several years MSR has produced stoves with a pressure regulator to solve this problem, but this feature was only available on their bigger, heavier and more expensive stoves. 

The good news is that now MSR has added the pressure regulator to the Pocket Rocket and re-named it the Deluxe model.  While they were at it MSR added a few other features, including a wider burner head to spread the heat on the pot more evenly; a wind screen aroung the burner head to prevent blowouts and loss of heat; and an electric lighter with the sparking unit inside the burner head where it is better protected from the wind and more dependable. 


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