MSR Guardian Purifier

The well known outdoor gear manufacturer Mountain Safety Research has developed a newer, better pump water filter. It is the Guardian Purifier. This equipment garnered the 2016 Backpacker Magazine gear of the year award.


DeLorme inReach SE

DeLorme is a GPS (global positioning system) equipment manufacturer in Maine. Their products are usually regarded as the best on the market, and often win the Backpacker Magazine best gear of the year award. They currently have three overlapping and somewhat confusing products available.


Scuba Buoyancy Control

Before you make a first dive with new gear, try to find a way to get in the same kind of water (salt or fresh), wearing your dive suit & all your gear, and adjust your weights to the least amount possible. If you are wearing an exposure suit with…



Humans evolved over a half-million years with body chemistry that produces breast milk for babies that is far superior to any nutrient that can be made in a factory. Mother's milk not only provides food and drink, it is also loaded with vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, enzymes and all kinds of…