Bob Laney

  • 06/29/2019

    Summer Time Todd Biking

    In our effort to do as many sports as possible, to aid in the recuperation from our several recent surgeries, after recently hiking, camping and canoeing, on June 29, 2019, Deena and I went biking on the Old Railroad Grade Road from Todd to Fleetwood Falls. After several years of being empty, it looked like somebody is renovating the Todd General Store. While driving to the trip start Deena’s bike slide off the roof rack and bent the rear wheel. So, we drove to the western side of town to the River Girls store which rents inner tubes, kayaks, bikes and guides trout fishing. We acquired a bike for Deena and made like horse manure. That is, we hit the trail. Get it? Hit the trail. Okay, was that not so funny?

  • 07/20/2019

    Grandfather Mountain Electrified

    Every summer about mid-July, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Wilkesboro conducts its Parish Retreat at the Conference Center in Valle Crucis, Watauga County. This year on July 20, 2019, Ranger Bob and Deena Thomas went for Bob’s about 25th trip and Deena’s first trip. Happily we took along Deena’s granddaughter Mileena Ruiz, age 13 years, and her grandson, Tre Ruiz, age 9 years, from Tampa, FL.

  • 11/23/2017

    Enzees Foot Soother

    There is a new, but ancient, blister cure on the market. Three things cause blisters: pressure, heat and moisture. This product shields, absorbs or diverts all three causes.

    The product is called Enzees Foot Soother. It received the Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice Award for 2017. It is simply a batch of virgin wool from New Zealand sheep, with the natural lanolin ointment not washed out.

  • 11/29/2019

    New River Kayaking

    People from Florida like to come to the North Carolina mountains in the summer because it is cooler and there are fun things to do, like river kayaking. The long weekend of July 20, 2019, Deena Thomas’ grandchildren Mileena, age 13 years, and Tre, age 9 years, came to visit us. Monday morning we decided to go kayaking on the South Fork of the New River in Ashe County. We started at Zaloo’s Canoes on NC Hwy 16 south of NC Hwy 88 and paddled north east to the Wagoner Access State Park.