Doughton Park in a Blizzard

Doughton Park in a Blizzard

Around December 15, 2004, one cold weekend, Bob Laney decided to take a hike in Doughton Park. After a couple of calls, Kendall Forester was recruited to make up the team. We drove in spitting snow to the trailhead at Alligator Back Rock.


The trail was covered in snow. In some of the steeper, rockier places there were thick slabs of ice. We made it to the top of Alligator Back, but it was too cold and windy to stick around. We happily headed back down the trail to the truck and home.

Bob Laney

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Bob is the site curator and writer of Blue Ridge Outing. Since starting the Blue Ridge Outing travel blog in 2002, Bob has written, recorded and documented countless expeditions in the US and around the world.

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