Doughton Park in the Rain

Doughton Park in the Rain

On the late spring weekend of May 14 - 15, 2005, the St. Paul's Episcopal Church youth group took a camping trip to Doughton Park. Under the capable leadership of Bruce and Kathy Nolin, they were accompanied by other adults Dave Bormann, Greg Hackett, Bob Laney and Debbie Staley. There were about 8 kids, mostly high school freshmen and sophomores. The juniors and seniors were having their prom that weekend.


The weather was sunny as we left the church parking lot, but became cloudy during the trip up the mountain. Soon after camp set up we had two significant thunder, lightening and rain storms. The afternoon hike was cancelled. Supper was moved by vehicle to a shelter in the picnic area at the other side of the park. The hot dogs and hamburgers grilled by Dave, Bruce and Cody were delicious in the crisp, cool air.

The night passed well for all, despite another heavy rain storm about dawn. Breakfast of French toast was another delicious repast by chefs Bruce, Dave and Cody.

Due to constant threat of occasional actual rain, the Sunday hike was cancelled as well. Bob and Debbie stayed to hike Alligator Back trail, which involved more heavy and cold rain. We had a good hot lunch at the Bluffs Coffee Shop. Naturally, as we stepped out of the woods at the parking lot to drive back to town, the rain ended and the sun came back out for the first time that weekend.

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