Greenfield Lake Park Biking

Greenfield Lake Park Biking

On the cool and cloudy afternoon of February 22, Janet and I followed her directions to Greenfield Lake Park in Wilmington.  We were biking on the 4-mile paved trail around the lake in the park center.  But the main attraction was the beautiful swampy lake full of and surrounded by miles of cypress trees and Spanish moss. We went without Janet’s dog Gracie.

Normally, when I go on a trip, I take one or two devices with me to navigate.  My main instrument is a Garmin Montana 750i with a plethora of sophisticated features and programs. Today the Montana misbehaved and I left it in the Jeep at the parking lot. For several years I have had the popular and well-known app on my iPhone called All Trails.  I have read many reviews that were mixed good and bad, so up to now I had not used it. Without the Montana, I turned on All Trails and instantly saw the several nearby trails, including Greenfield Lake Park. Another couple of button pushes and we had a GPS icon on the device map following our location and progress on the clearly rendered trail. A  miracle! I have never had an electronic device work so fast, accurately, intuitively, and easily.  I recommend you get a copy on your phone.

The trip was just about right for Janet’s and my stamina.  We never felt worn out or exhausted, but by the time we got to the end at the parking lot, we were as tired as we wanted to be.  The next morning, we were both a little sore, in a good way! A good time was had by all.


GPS Coordinates: 34 12 39,-77 56 41

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