Helicopter over Atlanta

Helicopter over Atlanta

Over the weekend of March 5, 2016, Terri and I drove to Atlanta, GA, to join her brothers Robin and David, and their spouses, in celebration of Terri's mother Pat McGriff's birthday. Saturday morning Robin, who is a commercial jet pilot, invited me to go on an adventure while the ladies went shopping. I said 'Sure!'


Robin is also a licensed helicopter pilot. To keep in practice, once every couple weeks he takes a flight. This trip was my first helicopter flight. We took off from the small local airport and flew around the neighborhood, including over Robin's house. Then he made a loop around Stone Mountain State Park. It reminded me a little bit of hot air ballooning. Even though I could look straight down through the clear plastic bubble of the cockpit to the ground a thousand or so feet below, I had no feeling of acrophobia. Robin is a smooth and reassuring pilot, so we had fun.

Bob Laney

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