Hump Mountain with Friends

Hump Mountain with Friends

Many years before this article was written, a group of friends and I went backpacking on the Appalachian Trail from Yellow Mountain Gap to Hump Mountain. I arbitrarily picked the date of July 1994, but I could be off by 5 years in either direction.


The group was Dan Bumgarner, his daughter Sandy Bumgarner, Mickey Leapley, his girlfriend and Ranger Bob. We started at from Yellow Mountain Gap where the Over Mountain Victory Trail crosses the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a long weekend in hot, sunny summer weather. This was the first backpacking trip for Mickey's girlfriend, but she was a good sport and did not complain. The rest of us had been backpacking right many times before.

After climbing Yellow Mountain and Little Hump Mountain over several miles, we descended to Bradley Gap. There we filled up our canteens at the strong spring. We began the long ascent of Hump Mountain. We set up camp on a bench about half way up the mountain. There was lots of space so we spread out.

Later that afternoon we climbed the rest of the way up Hump Mountain and enjoyed the great view. It was a wonderful trip.

Bob Laney

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