Long Leaf Park Biking

Long Leaf Park Biking

On the sunny but cool and windy afternoon of Sunday, March 24, Janet and Bob went bike riding at Long Leaf New Hanover County Park.  The park is a beautiful large open area covered with moderately disbursed tall pine trees. Visitors are allowed to park anywhere in the park between trees. Facilities include many long and winding hiking and biking trails, tennis courts, a small children’s playground, a dog park, picnic areas, a pond, and a few other things. 

The outer loop is about a mile or a little more with a few hills. Our first bike circuit was steady work.  Then we paused by the pond to eat a large snack.  We illegally fed some food to the Canadian geese in the pond. Janet was able to get one of the geese to eat a bite of muffin off her knee.

Gracie came along but stayed in the car while we biked.  Next, we took Gracie to the dog park where she mostly played kickball with Janet. 

Our second bike circuit was a little faster and had me huffing and puffing to keep up with Janet. She is a majorly strong biker; Plus, I am terribly out of condition after a year and a half of pain from three separate physiological causes and a commensurate lack of exercise.   A good time was had by all.


GPS Coordinates: 34 12 22,-77 53 08

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