Mountains to Sea Trail Connection

Mountains to Sea Trail Connection

This past February 1, 2014, I hiked the Mountains to Sea Trail in Stone Mountain Park, attempting to link the Widows Creek Trail with the Blue Ridge Parkway. Due to short daylight hours, a long steep trail and icy conditions, I did not make it to the top. I turned around about the northern Stone Mountain Park boundary. Today, May 3, 2014, I started hiking at Devils Garden Overlook on the Parkway and followed the Mountains to Sea Trail into Stone Mountain Park. Success! I linked up the trails about 3 miles from the Parkway.


The weather was gorgeous - sunny, clear, breezy and temperatures in the 70's.

Along the way, I passed several dozen hikers going in the other direction. The hikers were with a charitable organization from Charlotte, NC, whose role that day was to introduce inner city folks to the outdoors. The organization did a good job. There were many weak hikers who were out of their element and needed guidance on the trail. I got to play Ranger Bob numerous times. A good time was had by (mostly) all.

Bob Laney

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