Stone Mountain Hike and Video

Stone Mountain Hike and Video

My friend, web site designer and manager Matt Van Buskirk told me that I need to learn how to upload videos to my Blue Ridge Outings web site. So far I have mostly posted still photos; while rarely copying a video from other friends, including Paul Anders and David Smith, which I would send to Matt to upload for me. This past week Matt laid down the law. He said that he is adding a video upload function which I am deputized to utilize. 'Go make some videos' he instructed me. So I did.


Sunday afternoon on November 22, 2015, I went hiking at Stone Mountain State Park for the purpose of making videos. I shot about 7 very short videos and about 15 photos with my iPhone. The pictures were edited down to 6 videos and 10 photos. Then Matt threw me into the deep end of the video production pool. He instructed me to open my Roxio program, which I had never used, and figure out how to combine the 6 short videos into 1 long video. Then he said to search Google for instructions and figure out how to upload the long video onto YouTube, which I had also never done.

I am proud to say that I figured out about 85% of the functions. I got stuck on the file name extension, so Matt had to come over to my house and show me how to jump that hurdle. Eventually the procedures were accomplished and the video is on YouTube. Now all that is left if for Matt to program the web page to link the YouTube video to this newsletter article. By the time you read this posting, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the process will be completed and you can see the video with this slideshow.

The hike itself was fine; a good weekend workout. It started as a fairly cold and windy jaunt. By the time that I climbed the main Stone Mountain peak, I had heated up enough to take off my coat. From the peak to the end of the hike I was alternating between a sweating torso and chilly hands and ears. It was a sunny day so I passed many other hikers of all ages, genders and physical conditions. I am constantly astounded by what a high percentage of our population, even those more or less physically fit, who are plainly over weight. And I don't have any room to talk (or in my waist band). My doctor says that I have 25 pounds to lose. By the end of the 4.5 mile loop I was glad to see the truck in the parking lot.

Bob Laney

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