Stone Mountain Park in the Fall

Stone Mountain Park in the Fall

On the cloudy and cool day of Sunday, November 15, 2002, Ranger Bob took a pre-Thanksgiving hike on the main loop over the top of the mountain and down by the water fall in Stone Mountain State Park.  There were a substantail number of other hikers but no congestion.  I was alone on the trail for much of the trip. 

For about four years I have suffered from getting out of breath which is triggered by starting any kind of strenuous activity.  The problem is caused by post traumautic stress disorder from a scuba diving accident.  I was in serious trouble on the bottom of ocean at about 100 foot depth, afraid I would drown and came close to fatally panicking.  Since then I have been tested by four doctors for cardiovascular and pulmonary functions.  All the tests came back negative, meaning I am fully physically healthy.  The PTSD is psychological, and there is no cure except for me to get used to it and control it as best I can. 

I have already learned to control the breathlessness while playing tennis.  I can play hard and get out of physical breath but not suffer PTSD.  I don't know how I did this.  About 9 montsh ago it just started working.  I suppose it is because I play tennis so often - sometimes three times a week. 

On this hike I made good progress on controlling the PTSD while hiking.  I did not suffer any bouts of psychological breathlessness.  To do so I hiked exceedingly slowly and made a conscious effort to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells around me.  I purposefully did not dwell on getting up the mountain with any speed.  I still felt the normal occasions of physical breathlessness from hiking up a steep mountain, but I enjoyed the opportunity to be outside, rather than worrying about how long it would take me to get to the top. 

It appears that in the future when I hike, bike, backpack or otherwise engage in strenous exercise that I will be going slowly.  That means I will either be by myself; or I will be traveling with patient and understanding companions.


GPS Coordinates: 36.39361,-81.04333

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