Summer Time Todd Biking

Summer Time Todd Biking

In our effort to do as many sports as possible, to aid in the recuperation from our several recent surgeries, after recently hiking, camping and canoeing, on June 29, 2019, Deena and I went biking on the Old Railroad Grade Road from Todd to Fleetwood Falls. After several years of being empty, it looked like somebody is renovating the Todd General Store. While driving to the trip start Deena’s bike slide off the roof rack and bent the rear wheel. So, we drove to the western side of town to the River Girls store which rents inner tubes, kayaks, bikes and guides trout fishing. We acquired a bike for Deena and made like horse manure. That is, we hit the trail. Get it? Hit the trail. Okay, was that not so funny?


The trip was invigorating. Deena has proven to be in better shape than me. She can out-hike and out-bike me. This route is the epitome of bucolic and pastoral. We had a pleasant time viewing kayakers and tubers on the South Fork of the New River, smelling the recently cut hay fields, hearing the song birds and feeling the brisk mountain air. We even had several short conversations with other bikers.

We ate our home made picnic lunch on the front porch of the new restaurant in Brownwood. A good time was had by all!

Bob Laney

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