Trout Fishing in Linville Land Harbor

Trout Fishing in Linville Land Harbor

On the two chllly fall days of November 5 and 20, 2020, Ranger Bob joined his boon companion Bill Booth for two trout fishing days on the Linville River headweaters in Linville Land Harbor, between Linville and Newland, NC.  The weather was plesantly sunny and clear both days. November 20 was cold enough that for the first time this year I crunched through ice formed on the edges of the river.  I was well insulated in chest waders, a pile suit and long under wear, but still, standing waist deep in the chilly flowing water for several hours was enough to numb my outer limbs. 

The second day we were joined by Bills local friend Rick Leonard, who is nice guy.  He gave me several fishing tips to get more hits on my lure, then he took the photo and video published here. 

On the first day Bill and I caught about 10 robust trout, mostly browns and rainbows.  On the second day Bill had to leave mid-morning for a family errand.  Rick and I hit a deep pool at the right time and for two sessions of about 20 minutes each, we got a bite on nearly every cast.  But we did not catch that many fish. Many of the bites were light or trailing so we could not set the hook but on about every third or fourth cast.  

Both days we released all the fish. The rule is that a fisherman can keep three trout.  Next time I go I plan to take a creel and keep a couple to eat that night. 


GPS Coordinates: 36 2 50,-81 53 56

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