Turtle Island Preserve Festival

Turtle Island Preserve Festival

On the Halloween afternoon of October 31, 2020, Ranger Bob traveled to Eustace Conway's Turtle Island Preserve to be a volunteer at a Festival celebrating outdoor activities like black smithing and deer hide tanning.  The TIP staff conducted a silent auction of donated goods as a fund raiser.  Other staff cooked a large, deliciious supper made from locally grown or sourced meats, vegetables, fruits, cheeses and breads.  The main food was a whole pig smoked in the ground at TIP that afternoon.  

I was tasked with managing the wine station. Knowing nothing about wine except that I like Moscato, I opened and set out most of the bottles.  Then I pretty much let the guests serve themselves.  Most of them seemed to appreciate the opportunity to pour themselves about double the normal serving. 

Well after dark (there are no electric lignts on TIP) I pulled out my wisely carried flash light, made my way through the woods to my Jeep and headed home. 


GPS Coordinates: 36.18472,-81.55916

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