Turtle Island Preserve Paradise

Turtle Island Preserve Paradise

Over the long weekend of October 29, 2004, I went to Eustace Conway;s place called Turtle Island Preserve, in southeast Watauga County. I worked on his legal matters and used the bucolic ambience to research the law on some issues. His place is so big and undeveloped that it is like a small state park.


He assigned me to stay at Preston Robert;s cabin a little way up the spring creek from the kitchen. After supper and sunset, a nearly full moon and clear night sky made for easy woods walking and navigation to the cabin. The all log and wood building is open and airy. It has a huge front porch with a fireplace under a wooden awning that sports a cute little vent to draw out the smoke. The back covered deck is similarly airy and overlooks a creek.

I would drift off to sleep on the back deck, with light from campfire reflecting down the large open central hall, flickering off cabin walls. I could enjoy the fresh, cool air drifting down the creek mixing with the smoky smell of the campfire. The sound of crickets added a staccato to the gurgling creek melody right below me.

The first morning was cloudy. The second morning sky at sunrise was first pink, then orange and then sunny blue. What a beautiful day!

In addition to the book learning, we did most of the work to complete a green house attachment to side of the Big Dry Shed for winter gardening & solar heating of the work shop.

Meals were large, steaming bowls of delicious, fresh, natural vegetables grown right there, with baked trout caught out of the creek and fruit from the neighbor;s orchard.

It was just another average day in paradise!

Bob Laney

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