Camp and backpack gear for sale or gift

Camp and backpack gear for sale or gift

These items of camp and backpacking gear are all in excellent condition.  Nothing worn out or broken.  Several items are new or refurbished by the manufacturer and are like new.  All sale prices are negotiable and I will take the best offer.  Some are to give away for free.  The first person to buy a white gas item will get a fresh gallon of white gas free. 

Bladder hose $10

MSR Whisperlight stove $75

Playtpus water bladders $15

LL Bean battery lantern $30

Camera tripods $25

Pocket camera $50

Coffee percolator $25

Coleman white gas stove  $50

Liquid gas fuel bottles $20

Coleman Peak One gas lantern $50

Hammock $15

Pack towls $10

Coleman propane heater $30

Closed cell foam pads $0

Soap case $0

Ten stakes $5

Foldable water bucket $15

MSR Sweetwater water filter $50.

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