Garmin GPS Map 66i

Garmin GPS Map 66i

For sale.  Garmin GPS Map 66i.  New.  Hand held electronic device for hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing or any outdoor activity.  Combines color screen with map of current location; or any other location to which you can navigate; GPS function that shows your current location; trip planning and route finding; tracking route taken; sending and receiving texts to any reciptient without use of cell phone towers when truly in the wilderness; can be Blue Tooth linked to your cell phone to access your Contacts; weather reports; send SOS rescue request signal to emergency responders; and other functions all obtained from satellites.  Go to and search for Garmin GPSMap 66i for more detailed pictures and descriptions.  Go to the Internet and do a Google search for Garmin GPS Map 66i Manual for a detailed, thorough and easy to read guide book on its operation.  Cost new $600.  Priced to sell at $400.  

Bob Laney

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