Perception canoe

Perception canoe

For sale: by Joe and Lisa Samuel of Linville Land Harbor, Newland, NC, a used canoe. Located at Bob Laney's house in Lynnwoode subdivision, North Wilkesboro, NC.  Call Bob at 336-984-6860 or email at for more information or to make an offer. 

 Description:  Perception brand canoe, black hull, silver gunnels and thwarts, two black seats, includes two fiberglass and carbon paddles.  Paddles high quality and like new.  Hull made of Royalex ABS, the toughest and lightest canoe material available.  Gunnels and thwarts made of aluminum. Length 15 feet 6 inches.  Width 35 inches. Can be paddled tandem (two persons) or solo with one person in the front seat facing backward.  All material original except for rebuilt padded seats, ropes and string.  Weight about 75 pounds.  Made for sturdiness and bouncing off rocks.  About 40 years old but in nearly new condition.  Hull, gunnels and thwarts have nearly no damage.  Minimal scratches on the outer hull, but no dents, tears or holes.  Large carrying capacity good for day trips with flotation, multi-day canoe camping or large family outiings.  Good for lakes, rivers, estuaries, flat water or white  water.  Has added string over the interior to hold in items. 

Internet prices: the same make and model used in worse shape lists for $800.  A similar quality and style new boat of a different name brand with less sturdiness lists for $1,300.  Paddes $100 each.   

Asking price: $700. 

Bob Laney

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