Pilot Mountain Rock Climbing

One week in September, 2006, my nephew Robert Parker called me to see if I wanted to accompany him on a rock climbing trip to Pilot Mountain State Park in Surry County, NC. Robert had an occasion to be in the area while his wife visited with her family, and…


Tennis Hubris

Last Tuesday evening, at the weekly session of the Paul Anderson Tuesday Afternoon Tennis and Tea Society, Paul and I got together for a match with John Barker and Billy Gee. First let me set the scene, with the cast of characters.


Boone Fork Trail with St. Paul's

In July of 2006 St. Paul's Parish of Wilkesboro journeyed to Valle Cruces for its annual retreat. Chuck Forester and Bob Laney were elected to lead the adult outdoor activity on Saturday. Unlike Bob and Chuck's Great Adventure a few years earlier, when we were assaulted by a terrible thunderstorm…


Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres Diving Over a short week in late July 2006, Paul and Joyce Anderson lead our small group of Stan and Iris Carmen with Bob and Debbie Laney to the western Caribbean Island of Isla Mujeres.