Enzees Foot Soother

Enzees Foot Soother

There is a new, but ancient, blister cure on the market. Three things cause blisters: pressure, heat and moisture. This product shields, absorbs or diverts all three causes.

The product is called Enzees Foot Soother. It received the Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice Award for 2017. It is simply a batch of virgin wool from New Zealand sheep, with the natural lanolin ointment not washed out.

When you are hiking, biking, skiing, backpacking or whatever causes boot pain to your foot, after a hot spot develops, but before the blister rises [you must nip it in the bud], then pull off a tuft of wool about the size of a cotton ball and place it on the skin area hot spot. There is no paper, plastic or glue.

While carefully holding the ball in place, pull your sock over the ball and press them together. The wool fibers weave themselves into the sock fibers, like Velcro, and it stays in place.

A $14 packet is large enough for a season. Go to www.enzeesfootsoother.com.

Bob Laney

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Bob is the site curator and writer of Blue Ridge Outing. Since starting the Blue Ridge Outing travel blog in 2002, Bob has written, recorded and documented countless expeditions in the US and around the world.

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