Smith Creek Park Biking

Smith Creek Park Biking

On the cloudy and moderately cool afternoon of February 17, Janet and I went to Smith Creek Park outside Wilmington, NC. We took our bicycles and her Golden Retriever, Gracie.  There is a paved path for walking and biking surrounding the lake. Beyond the paved path are dirt trails which are mostly unmarked, winding through the woods. Janet had been there before, so she was our guide.

We first traversed the dirt trails. Along the way, I found a rare sign with a trail map.  I stopped to read it, but Janet did not see me stop and kept going. I called her a couple of times, but she was far enough down the trail that she did not hear me. Then I made a yelping sound that I learned from my Dad that's very loud and piercing, to get somebody's attention, which sounds sort of like a hog call. Janet heard me and came back to the map sign. She let me know that she did not like to be the recipient of a hog call, so since then I have used my emergency whistle.

Then we biked around the paved trail back to the parking lot, where Gracie was patiently waiting in Janet’s vehicle. We took her down to the dock and took turns throwing tennis balls and sticks into the lake for her to jump from the dock and retrieve. A good time was had by all.


GPS Coordinates: 34 17 08,-77 51 24

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